If you have a pet, you must have a Pet Registration Form completed and given to the Centuria Building Superintendent. Tenants: Have a copy of your Form K and Pet Registration Form when you meet the Building Superintendent for your Move in appointment.

Download our pet registration form here Pet Registry Form

The community at Centuria recognizes that pets are often our best friends and are important sources of companionship. We also understand that not all pets are misbehaved and most are well trained. Still, pets often are a source of community conflicts, so some basic pet policy’s have been established.

  1. All pets must be registered with the Centuria Strata Corporation.
  2. You must ensure your animal is leashed and under control when on common property.
  3. Not pets are allowed on landscaped areas or the common property, such as garden areas etc.
  4. It is important that you clean up should your pet urinate or defecate on any common property