On Holiday

If you plan to be away for an extended period

  1. Inform Building Superintendent that you will be away.
  2. Maintain heat to unit. (18º Celsius) Change furnace filter.
  3. Turn off the water main. You may also want to turn off the gas main (yellow handle labeled “G-M” in laundry room) to save costs.
  4. Unplug unnecessary appliances and power bars.
  5. Clean out fridge of perishables and remove garbage. Pull out facing panel at bottom of fridge and use flashlight to check for water.
  6. To prevent sewer gas emissions: Add 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup of vegetable oil to floor drain in laundry room, run water in into basins and insert plug, place saran wrap over shower drain and toilet. (*Don’t place saran wrap over floor drain)
  7. Stop mail/newspaper delivery or have someone pick it up.
  8. Check all fixtures to make sure they are not dripping. You may want to turn off water to individual fixtures as well.
  9. Inspect under all sinks; check all valves and check around toilets.
  10. Check your washing machine and dishwasher hoses for any bulges, leaks or kinks.
  11. Water heater: shut off at breaker switch (Electric) or turn it to the vacation setting (Gas). Check drip tray for any water and possible leaks.
  12. Even if you are only gone a week, consider giving a key to a trusted neighbour in the building who will come in and walk through your condo during your absence to make sure all is okay inside the unit. (Some insurance policies require this-please check) Make sure to let the Building Superintendent  know who has access to your unit while you are away.
  13. Don’t publicize on Facebook/Social media that you are going to be away.

Please contact the Building Superintendent if you require any assistance.