Move In Move Out

Required Before You Move In

  1. Make an appointment with the Centuria Building Superintendent so that the move in fee is paid, the elevator booked, locked off and padded. A fee of $200 on weekday moves and $250 on weekend moves, is due prior to the move in.
    Note: All move ins/outs must be done on Elevator #1. If you are having a delivery of a piece of furniture, etc., it must also be moved in Elevator #1 which is located at the back entry of the building next to the Pharmacy.
  2. Ensure you have received Key Fobs, Parking Garage Fobs, Visitor Parking Pass,Mailbox Keys, Vehicle Validation Sticker, and Keys to your Storage Room from your Owner/Property Manager.
  3. Know your parking stall and storage locker number.
  4. If you have a pet, you must have a Pet Registration Form completed and given to the Centuria Building Superintendent.
  5. Have a copy of your Form K and Pet Registration Form when you meet the Building Superintendent for your Move In appointment. The Building Manager will do a walk through the common areas before and after your appointment.