Helpful Hints

  • FOBs

    Grey plastic FOB is for entrances. Should last at least 10 years. See Building Superintendent for replacement. If the FOB for the entrance or the garage remote is lost, the Owner of the unit must contact the Building Superintendent. The lost FOB will be deactivated for security purposes and a new one will be issued. The charge for replacing FOBs or garage door opener is $75.00 TENANTS: Contact your Owner/Property Manager immediately.

  • Remotes

    Black/red plastic remote is for parkade access. Has two small batteries 3 volt, #CR2016. Replace every 5 years or when signal becomes weak. There are four buttons but we just use the top two buttons.  Small grey is for the Commercial door (1st door). Large Grey is for the Residential door (2nd door)

  • Keys

    Residents are responsible for the keys of their units. Master keys are not available from the Building Superintendent.

  • Mailboxes

    The mailboxes are located in the main lobby facing the elevators. Make sure you have duplicate keys otherwise, if the key is lost, you will need to pay to have the mailbox rekeyed. TENANTS: Contact your Owner/Property Manager for your mailbox number and key. The Landlord may have extra copies if a key is lost.

  • Front Entrance Enter phone/Camera:

    Residents can access the Enter phone via a telephone landline. (you do not need service to this line) Guests dial the unit number and when the phone rings the resident dials “9” to let them in. All residents who are on Shaw Cable have access to the front entrance camera to confirm who has requested access to the building. Use channels 125 or HD399. (Telus subscribers have no access to lobby cameras) No resident shall permit entry to persons they do not know. A resident shall be responsible for anyone they allow entry into the building, including the parkade.

  • Security

    Security is of the utmost importance at Centuria. Video surveillance cameras are positioned throughout the property, but everyone is encouraged to report any suspicious activity.

  • Moving

    Contact the Centuria Building Superintendent prior to your move in or move out to coordinate elevators times so that he can lock off the elevator.

  • General Maintenance

    Any maintenance issue that is not reported, thereby causing further damage to the premises or that of a neighbouring resident, could become a liability to the resident as well.

    TENANTS: Contact your Owner/Property Manager and report any problem.

  • Water Shut Off

    WatervalveEnsure you know where the shut off valve is to turn off the water if a leak occurs.
    Main Water Shut Off is the yellow valve behind the top plate in the Laundry Room. (see photo).
    Hot Water Shut Off is the yellow valve above water tank.
    Individual Water Shut Offs are below all sinks and behind toilets for each appliance. TENANTS: Ask your Owner/Property Manager for details.

  • Drains

    Regular maintenance to all plumbing fixtures can be done on a weekly basis to prevent pipes from getting clogged. By using eco-friendly products such as putting 2 tablespoons of baking soda in drain then adding 2 tablespoons of white vinegar let activate for 5 minutes then rinse with hot water for approx. 10 minutes. Prevent Clogged Drains

  • Gas Shut Off

    Gas Shut Offs are behind the Laundry room door. Yellow valves (Fireplace, Barbecue, Range, Main)

  • Smoke Detectors

    If they go off without cause it is probably due to dirt/dust. Blow or suck air with vacuum just outside the device. Never jar or strike the appliance as they contain a small amount of Americium (Radioactive compound)

  • Carbon Monoxide Detector

    Replace as needed

  • Laundry Room

    FanBlowerSwitchV1Your clothes dryer has two lint catchers. One on the dryer and one on the venting pipe, just above your dryer. For efficiency and safety they need to be cleaned on a regular basis. (Vent Pipe-monthly, Dryer-after each use) Your heating and air conditioning unit system has an air filter similar to a furnace filter. Located in the Laundry room behind ceiling tile above the dryer. The filter needs to be changed regularly. (approximately every 2-4 months) The fan blower switch should be in the ON position. (See photo)

  • Vents

    AirVentAir louvres can be adjusted with a slotted screwdriver clockwise/counterclockwise to redirect air to other rooms in the unit.

  • Laundry Drain – Floor Drain

    Needs to be filled with water monthly due to evaporation (to limit sewer gas smell from coming into your unit)

  • Dishwasher

    The standard dishwasher does not accept the use of gel tabs as these plug the machine. Run kitchen sink water until hot before running dishwasher. Replace all lines with braided metal hose when replacing appliance or sooner if worn.

  • Fireplace

    All fireplaces should be serviced on a regular basis. For directions on lighting the pilot light for the Lennox gas fireplace see the manual. Click Here.

  • Garbage/Recycling
    • Everyone needs to do their part when disposing of garbage and recycling in the garbage room.
    • Do not leave garbage on the floor, put garbage in tied bags before placing in the garbage bin.
    • Make sure any wet garbage is fully contained in the garbage so that there will not be leakage on the floors.
    • Flatten all cardboard boxes before placing in the recycling bin. Do not leave cardboard on the garbage room floor.
    • Do not put recycling items in the garbage bins.
    • Residents are responsible for hauling away large items such as furniture and debris from renovations.
    • Grease quickly turns solid within sewer pipes, and can cause blockages that lead to backups and sewer overflows. Pour hot cooking grease into a tin can or drink carton to cool and solidify before disposing the grease into the garbage. If your pots and pans are oily or greasy, wipe them clean with a paper towel and put the soiled paper towel in the garbage.
    • Coffee grounds and food scraps should not be placed in drains or dishwasher. Discard in compost or garbage.
    • New Waste Guidelines
  • Insurance

    The resident/tenant is responsible to insure all their belongings and contents. It is strongly recommended that a resident/tenant insurance policy is purchased which will not only cover personal contents but also liability insurance. A resident/tenant may be held responsible for damage caused to the unit and other units in the Centuria, so it is crucial to have sufficient public liability insurance. For Insurance Information click Here.

Have Building Superintendent check any new appliance connection.
See Building Rules for issues related to Balconies, Barbecues, Bicycles, Christmas Trees, Smoking, Skateboards, Roller Blades, Noise Disturbance etc.